Laser Treatment for Nail Fungus

Laser Treatment for Toenail Fungus is a reasonably new technique for attempting to cure nail fungus.

Although there is not a perfect cure for nail fungus, laser treatment is another tool in the arsenal. Some doctors and physician are offering this treatment and initial studies show promising results. But as this procedure is not covered by insurance, as it is a cosmetic procedure, expect to pay a hefty price in excess of a $1000.

Most cannot warrant this expense and opt for a cheaper treatment.

Conversely, many are simply unaware that laser treatment for nail fungus has become available. Only a handful of clinics offer this procedure so it is best that you check out the services in your area.

How Does Laser Treatment Work for Toenail Fungus?

  • The laser works by emitting a wavelength(s) of light through the nail aimed at the fungus hiding below. The laser vaporizes the fungus leaving the surrounding tissue and skin unharmed. The dead fungus now grows out with the new nail being formed.

Does Laser Treatment Hurt?

  • From current studies there have been no side effects, complications or reactions that have caused pain. The laser treatment does not affect normal healthy skin or tissue so there should be no pain at all.

Is There Any Age Restrictions?

  • Currently there are no age or health restrictions but you should consult with the clinic that offers this treatment first. As you are not ingesting oral medication you are not making yourself susceptible to liver or kidney complications. Younger and older generations are typically more susceptible.

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

  • Accordingly to laser manufacturers approximately 10 minutes per nail.

Recommendation for Laser Treatment for Nail Fungus

Currently there are a few studies that have shown long term results. Many large companies are investing huge amounts of money into this technology though.

As there are millions of suffers all around the world who are susceptible to oral medication complications this treatment will certainly become more common. But expect to pay dearly, as with any new technology.

If your local clinic does offer this procedure do ask for referrals of people who have had the treatment, and do make the effort to contact them if privacy policies permit.

I do urge you to look as laser treatment for a cure for nail fungus. I am confident that the cost will scare you though.

My recommendation is for you to try a natural, Food and Drug Administration registered, product first that already has proven results and is far far cheaper.

Zeta Clear is a topical gel that is applied to the nail with a simple brush applicator within the lid of the bottle. The antifungal properties of the main ingredient is Tea Tree oil, and is known to penetrate the nail to where the fungi spores hide.

Many other topical treatments are designed for fungal skin infections and do not penetrate the nail. Zeta Clear is different and does penetrate the nail. There are no known side effects of Zeta as it is applied topically. You are not ingesting powerful medication, such as Lamisil, that is known to cause severe liver toxicity complications in some people. The data fact sheet of the drug Lamisil openly states this.

In short, take a closer look at ZetaClear to cure your nail fungus problem. A simple quick solutions often is best, and a natural product is a bonus.

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