Common Fingernail Problems and Toenail Problems

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Types of Fingernail Problems and Toenail Problems

Our nails play an important part in magnifying the appearance of our hands and feet. Nails protect our delicate fingertips and make them look beautiful. Moreover, nails are indicator of an overall health of a person.

Usually, most of us had suffered from some type of toenail problem or fingernail problem in our life.

There are various nail problems that can be caused due to our daily chores, deficiency of proteins and vitamins, improper diet and lack of proper care. Some types of problems include infection, skin diseases, trauma and aging.

Here Are Some Types of Common Nail Problems

  • Discoloration in nails: This is one of the most recognizable toenail problem and fingernail problem, where a nail may get discolored causing yellow nail, green nail or black nail. This can be caused by factors including trauma to the nail, nail fungus problems or poor blood circulation.
  • Ingrown nails: Ingrown nails, is a condition where the nail grows sideways instead of growing forward. It is a painful condition since the nail grows right into the sides of the skin that surrounds the nail. Ingrown nails are normally caused due to improper cutting of nails, wearing improper footwear or an injury of the foot. Ingrown nail is a toenail problem as it mostly affects the toenails.
  • Hang nail: Hang nails is another fingernail problem and toenail problem, which is caused due to the lack of vitamin B, C and frequent exposure to water. This leaves a tear in the nail cuticle making a dead skin linger next to the nail. It is suggested to trim this dead skin carefully rather than pulling it. Moreover, constantly massage the nails with lotion to keep them soft.
  • Brittle nails: It is a common nail problem that includes breakage of the nail, easy peeling of the nails at the edges, and layering as some of the symptoms. Brittle nails are caused by the loss of fat and water, exposure to the harsh chemicals found in detergents, and frequent immersion of fingers in water. To avoid the formation of brittle nails, massage your fingers with lotion, wear gloves while making use of detergents and avoid using nail polish removers too often.
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