Acidophilus Beer Soak for Nail Fungus

Acidophilus Beer Soak The Acidophilus Beer Soak is probably one of the lesser known Treatments for Curing Nail Fungus.

As the name suggests, this method involves soaking your feet or hands in a bowl of beer.

As with many other home remedies, some have had success and others have not. As you will ready below you will find if this treatment is for you.


What Is Acidophilus?

Sometimes misspelt as acidophilis or acidophillis, acidophilus is a combination of bacteria that aid the immune system in fighting infection and helping with digestion.

Acidophilus is usually purchased in sachet form from a health food shop where each sachet contains approximately 125 billion live bacteria.

Why Acidophilus Beer Soak May Work

  • The Acidophilus beer is thought to soften the nail and create an acidic environment to inhibit the growth of nail fungus.
  • Fungus hates an acidic environment. The acid damages the fungi and thus acts as an antifungal agent to limit and potentially cure the nail infection.

Does Acidophilus Beer Soak Cure Nail Fungus?

  • If you are looking for a complete cure there is a high chance of disappointment.
  • The beer soak may slow down and inhibit the fungal growth at the surface of the nail. However as the fungus hides deep within the nail, where it takes considerable time for any solution to soak to, many of your soaking attempts may not be effective.
  • The Acidophilus beer soak is more an ongoing treatment.

How Can You Tell if the Beer Soak is Working?

  • As with every other treatment the sign of success is a new healthy looking nail growing from the cuticle.
  • Early signs will take at least 3-4 weeks to see a positive improvement as nails grow slowly. Toenails could take double this time as they grow much slower.
  • The dead fungus has to grow out with the healthy new nail pushing behind. If you read claims of a complete cure within a few short weeks this is blatant false information.

Essential Ingredients You Will Need

  • Acidophilus Sachets
  • Guinness Stout beer preferably, or any other dark beer will suffice,
  • White Vinegar,
  • Container big enough to submerge your toes or hands,
  • Lots of Time,
  • Dedication, Persistence and Consistency.

Preparing to Use Acidophilus Beer Soak to Treat Nail Fungus

  • First you need a routine as this treatment requires at least 30 minutes per day. Missing a treatment or two allows the fungus spores to regrow and begin to spread again.
  • Preparation does take a little time so mix larger volumes of a readymade solution.
  • This treatment may be more effective if you file your nail thinner for faster penetration.


Step 1 - Pour 1 litre of room temperature beer into your container.

Step 2 - Add half of the bacteria volume in the acidophilus sachet and stir well.

Step 3 - Add 1 litre of White Vinegar, stir well, and leave for approximately 20 minutes.

Step 4 - Soak your feet or hands in the solution for at least 30 minutes, or until your nails become noticeably softer. The longer the time the faster results.

Step 5 - After the third day of using the solution dispose of it and use a fresh mix. Make a fresh mixture with the remaining half of the sachet. This is important to keep the bacteria in a live form.

Step 6 - Repeat these steps every day for a month and check for new nail growth.

How Long Will The Soak Treatment Take?

This beer soak treatment is one of the hardest to adhere to.

To have a chance at success you will need at least 4 months of soakings for your fingernails and at least 8 months for toe nails. Just at 4 months, one soak per day, expect to spend 6o hours of soaking time. Include as well all your preparation time and disposal of used mixes.

Keeping track of mixes, finding enough time each day and keeping stock of supplies usually discourages the high majority of suffers looking for an alternative treatment to nail fungus.

If this seems to hard there is a much better alternative that literally takes seconds a day to apply and is proven to be far more effective than the beer soak method.

ZetaClear is specifically designed to cure nail fungus. Good results are common in just only 4 weeks. And if you are still not convinced after 3 months of application the 90 day guarantee is sure hard to pass up. Why spend a minimum of 90 hours of the next 6 months to suppress the fungus when Zeta Clear can completely cure in half that time.

Side Effects

  • Side effects are rare if any. As the bacteria in the sachet can be taken orally you should not have any effects. Side effects most likely come from the vinegar.
  • Some users may experience a mild inflammation around the nail bed and skin. This is usually in a larger infection that has already irritated the skin in and around the toes.


  • The cost is a little difficult to estimate as the base ingredients will differ depending on which country you live.
  • After the first few treatments you will have a good idea of how much vinegar you use in your container and the cost of the sachets. Use this as a basis but expect the cost around $200-$300.
  • This is inexpensive compared to Lamisil but more expensive than ZetaClear. Zetais a Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.) natural treatment specifically designed for treating and curing nail fungus.

The application of Zeta Clear only takes seconds so if you regard your time as important I would not recommend Acidophilus Beer Soak. It is fool hardy to think that spending more time on a home remedy will give you better results.

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